Workplace reform agenda gathers pace

November 24, 2015

Further hearings will take place next year in the Fair Work Commission in our quest to achieve a more flexible and equitable workplace system.

The next phase of the campaign takes place in April 2016 with the presentation of expert evidence that will show that the community’s views regarding weekends, in particular, has changed. Unions have challenged the evidence of our expert witnesses, which has meant that we have had to incur significant additional expense to ensure the expert evidence is heard and amplified.  So far, TAA/AHA has presented 43 expert witnesses and they have been successful in demonstrating that many hotels have been forced to either close venues or offer fewer services due to punitive penalty rates on weekends and public holidays.

TAA/AHA has prosecuted and fully-funded the case on behalf of the entire accommodation sector because of the importance of presenting a united ‘One Voice’ case before the Commission.

Our case for more business and employment-friendly provisions will hopefully be boosted by the release of the Productivity Commission’s Final Report on Workplace Relations on the 30 November. We are confident that they will repeat their draft recommendation for Sunday penalty rates to be adjusted to Saturday levels in recognition of changed working conditions and attitudes to weekend work.