ChAFTA deal approved

The government has reached agreement with the opposition on ChAFTA which has resulted in an agreement to change the regulations of the Migration Act.  It is likely that the agreement will result in more regulation of the 457 programme including extra requirements in project labour agreements.

TAA made strong representation to resist calls by the Labor Party to increase the threshold wage level for 457 visas in exchange for passing the China Free Trade Deal. Please click TAA MR on Labor proposal to increase 457 Visa threshold for the press release.

We argued that the call to increase the threshold level from $53,900 to $57,000 would make it even harder for regional and remote areas to source skilled staff, especially with Australia’s cities undergoing its largest hotel expansion in over 20 years.

In the agreement please note that the proposed changes to TSMIT have not gone forward.

Please find  attached the joint press release 211015 – Joint Media Release – ChAFTA . This highlights that there will be a review of the TSMIT