Qantas Group’s economic contribution to Australia

November 25, 2015

Deloitte Access Economics has conducted a study on the Qantas Group’s economic contribution to Australia and the downstream effects this has on the wider economy.

The study found that:

  • The Qantas Group’s overall contribution to the Australian economy was $21 billion in FY15 – this was made up of $11.4 billion of direct and indirect economic contribution, and $9.5 billion of value-add to the tourism sector;
  • The Qantas Group’s economic contribution accounted for 0.7% of Australia’s GDP;
  • The Qantas Group supported over 61,000 Australian FTE jobs directly and indirectly – this is 0.6% of total employment in Australia; and
  • Over 1 in 9 jobs in the tourism sector and over 1 in 9 dollars in total value added to the tourism sector flows from expenditure by tourists travelling on the Qantas Group’s airlines.

The full report is available here