Hospitality Industry Award update

The Fair Work Commission has completed the hearings of ‘lay witnesses’ in the review of the Hospitality Industry award. After almost three weeks of hearings, 43 AHA members (including TAA members) provided valuable evidence in support of the AHA application for a review of the Award provisions.

AHA expert witnesses will provide evidence later this month, with final hospitality submissions to be filed, and applications and evidence to be heard before the Full Bench of the FWC from 14th to 18th December 2015.

There is not, at this point in time, any indication of when a final decision will be handed down.

Review of Part time Provisions

On 12 October 2015, the AHA/TAA filed its evidence and submissions in support of its proposed change to the part-time employment clause. This change would require an employer and part-time employee to agree on their total weekly hours (or average weekly hours over a four week period), and the days upon which those hours can be rostered. This would allow an employer to change a part-time employees’ roster to accommodate week-to-week changes in trading patterns, whilst guaranteeing a set number of hours each week. The hours can be rostered across the agreed range of days (up to five days per week).

Our submissions are supported by witnesses from a range of hospitality industry businesses across Australia including stand-alone regional and suburban pubs, a small pub group, accommodation hotels, off shore resorts and caravan and holiday parks. These submissions can be accessed on the Fair Work Commission’s website. The matter is scheduled to be heard before a full bench in March 2016.