4 Yearly Review of Modern Awards

June 30, 2016

Penalty Rates

The matter is now reserved. A decision is expected to be handed down later in the year.

Part-time/Casual Employment Common Issue

This hearing will continue before a Full Bench of the Fair Work Commission from 11-15 July and 15-19 August 2016.

The AHA is seeking a more flexible part-time employment provision and has filed extensive evidence and submissions supporting its proposal.

The ACTU and United Voice are seeking a range of matters to be incorporated into modern awards for part-time and casual employees. These include:

  1. Increasing the minimum engagement for casual employees from 2 hours to 4 hours;
  2. Increasing the minimum engagement for part-time employees from 3 hours to 4 hours;
  3. Introducing a casual conversion that is more onerous compared to the existing clause and provides casual employees with an absolute right to convert to permanent employment;
  4. Introducing a restriction on employing additional part-time or casual employees unless existing part-time or casual employees are first offered those hours;
  5. Introducing overtime provisions for casual employees who work in excess of 38 hours per week or 10 hours per day.

The AHA has filed submissions and evidence in reply opposing each of the ACTU’s claims as well as the claim by United Voice regarding overtime.

We will keep members updated as to the progress of these matters before the Fair Work Commission.