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Visa changes to boost Indonesian inbound

November 24, 2015 The federal Government has announced new visa arrangements for Indonesia which are expected to significantly boost the potential of the inbound market for Australia. The changes will see the introduction of a three year multiple entry visa for Indonesian citizens into … read more

Positive moves for liberalisation of working holiday visas

November 24, 2015 Changes to working holiday visas have been included in the Developing Northern Australia White Paper, which was announced by the Federal Minister for Immigration and Border Protection, Peter Dutton earlier this month. The first change took effect from this month, … read more

Workplace reform agenda gathers pace

November 24, 2015 Further hearings will take place next year in the Fair Work Commission in our quest to achieve a more flexible and equitable workplace system. The next phase of the campaign takes place in April 2016 with the presentation of expert … read more

Message from the Chair, Martin Ferguson

November 24, 2015 We have seen a number of decisions in the past month that indicate progress by the Government in understanding the needs of the tourism and hospitality sector. The introduction of three year multiple entry visas for Indonesian citizens will make … read more

Flexibility the key for progress in work reviews

October 27, 2015 Considerable attention has been paid by media and politicians to the issue of penalty rates during Productivity Commission and Fair Work Commission deliberations this year. In particular, the FWC’s Four Yearly Review of modern awards saw the usual battlelines drawn … read more

July 20, 2015 What does it mean to you to be the new Chair of Tourism Accommodation Australia? Are you pleased to be working back in the sector? Tourism has obviously been a major part of my recent past, and I was fortunate … read more