TAA call for action on commercial unregulated short-term accommodation gains traction

February 22, 2016

There has been considerable push-back in both the media and by MPs against commercial operators using new ‘share’ distribution channels to sell short-term rentals without meeting the obligations imposed on regulated operators.

The latest to acknowledge the need for regulation of the burgeoning sector is the Labor Party’s Federal Shadow Assistant Treasurer, Andrew Leigh, who said: “The sharing economy needs to be better regulated. I certainly don’t believe that the sharing economy should expand because it’s avoiding taxes. It ought to expand on offering a better product to Australians.”
TAA is targeting commercial landlords who operate multiple properties and use short-term letting sites to market their properties, which may often be non-compliant in terms of safety standards, insurance, taxation, and adhering to council, state and strata regulations.
The media is now being far questioning of these new channels, as reflected in this article – http://goo.gl/HudKGB

In response to government inquiries, TAA is preparing submissions to inform governments on this issue.  In NSW the Committee on Environment & Planning plans to hold two public hearings during March to hear evidence for its inquiry. The tentative schedule is Monday 7 March in Tweed Heads, and Monday 14 March at Parliament House.  Please find attached the TAA Sharing Economy Submission.

TAA has also met with LEK Consulting, who are undertaking the Austrade research seeking to understand the impact both on hotel investment and consumer demand.